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_1 These parameters are usually set when you create a Volume, but if they are not set, you can still create a new Volume with the same commands listed above. Caution If you use the same primary key in a Primary Volume and a secondary volume you will get data loss. Choosing a Primary Volume You can use the commands in the previous section to start the process of choosing a primary volume from the Secondary Volumes. You will now need to choose which volumes you want to be the new primary. The order of the steps will be the same as the steps listed in the previous section. If you use the commands below without properly choosing a volume the system will use the Primary Volume that is not in use. If you are concerned about this, you should use the Choose Primary Volume command at the bottom of the Virtual Disk Manager window to choose a Primary Volume before you run these commands. Using the Choose Primary Volume command The commands below will open the Virtual Disk Manager window, allowing you to choose a Primary Volume from the Secondary Volumes listed. You will be asked if you want to choose a new Primary Volume. Click the Yes button. You will then be asked if you want to choose a new Primary Volume from a list of Secondary Volumes. Click the Yes button. You will be asked if you want to choose a Primary Volume from the list. Click the Yes button. The system will now try to select the first Primary Volume listed in the table below. Check the location of the Primary Volume you want to select. If there is no Primary Volume listed with the current Primary and Secondary Volume selections the system will use a Primary Volume other than what you selected. Scroll through the list of the Primary Volumes in the table below and select the Primary Volume you want to be used as the new Primary Volume. Using this method of creating a Primary Volume you will not have to go through this process every time you create a new Volume. Fully Testing the Disk-to-Disk Image After you finish the above steps, you will need to ensure that the System Restore is functional before you start using the new volume. You will need to perform the steps in this section to ensure that the system can restore files from the image if the disk becomes corrupted. To fully test the Disk-to-Disk Image, you will need to create a test directory on the new volume and use the commands



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Diskdrillactivationkey dercall

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